11 July 2024
Pheu Thai party’s election strategy chief Sudarat Keyuraphan today warned the Democrat and Bhumjaithai parties not to betray the trust of the people who voted for their pro-democracy platform, saying the people still remember their promise.
She said that the Pheu Thai party is still to see whether the two mid-sized parties will keep their promise to the people or “whether their promise was just rhetoric.”
She insisted that the party does seek any cabinet portfolios, saying “that is why we have announced today that we will not accept any posts and are ready to support the people who share our ideology.  Today, we agree to sacrifice and we are pleased to do so.”
She maintained that the party would not have any problem if, ultimately, it takes an opposition role in the new parliament.
Regarding the resignation of Mr. Mingkwan Saengsuwan as leader of the New Economics party, Khunying Sudarat said the party had been assured that the New Economics party’s six party-list MPs are still with the pro-democracy alliance.
Meanwhile, the Pheu Thai party has abruptly called off a meeting, scheduled this morning with its six political allies at the Lancaster Hotel, reportedly to discuss latest political developments.