Suan Dusit Poll shows most people dissatisfied with performance of MPs

Most respondents to a recent Suan Dusit Poll are disappointed with the performance of their MPs, because of their indulgence in old-style political games, characterized by mud-slinging, bickering, broken promises, and self-interest.

The Suan Dusit University poll gauged the opinions of 1,233 people between September 11th and 14th about the performance of MPs since the March 24th general election.

In response to a questionnaire about with what they are least impressed, the poll shows 40.98% said MPs not keeping their electoral pledges, 29.69% are disappointed with their constant bickering, 26.64% are not satisfied with unproductive debates in parliament; 14.34% said they are not impressed with  MPs fighting for political posts or their vested interests and 12.21% complained about the improper conduct of several MPs.

Asked about their expectations of their MPs, 39.59% wanted MPs to work intensely and demonstrate their achievements, 30.46% want to see them bring about development in provincial communities, 22.03% want them to pay attention to people’s the livelihoods, 18.75% want them to keep their promises and 15.49% want the MPs to speak up for the people.

When questioned about what impressed them about their MPs, 51.48% said they were impressed with their enthusiasm to work, 28.35% said they were impressed with their new ideas and policies, 22.96% said they were impressed with the easy access to MPs and their efforts to help the people, 21.22% were impressed with the enthusiasm of the new MPs.

Asked what message the respondents would like to send MPs, 48.14% said they expect their MPs to work for the people and the country, 25.45% said they want MPs to work more closely with the people, 23.45% want MPs to be honest and 19.26% want the MPs to stop mud-slinging.


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