Suan Dusit Poll reveals most Thais doubt new government can end political divide

Most Thais believe the new government, be it led by the Palang Pracharat or Pheu Thai, will not be able to end political division or other protracted problems, according to a recent Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll shows 31.85% of the respondents believe that the political situation will worsen due to the lack of stability of the new government while 28.08% are more optimistic.

The opinion poll sampled 1,752 people across the country. About 48% are disappointed with the March 24th election results because they believe the election, handled by the Election Commission, was not transparent. The main concerns for 69.47% of the respondents are election irregularities.

When asked for anything positive about the election, the poll shows 66.14% of those surveyed said they were impressed with the turnout of voters, 14.14% said they were pleased because their choice of candidates won and 8.56% said they were impressed with how smoothly the election went.

69.47% say the most worrisome issue about the election is the lack of transparency and election fraud, 28.88% are worried about the formation of the post-election government and who will be the next prime minister while 11.32% are fearful of increased political conflict.



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