6 June 2024

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has offered an assurance that the extension of the period for advance bookings of train tickets to 90 days is not complicated or confusing.

The SRT’s statement, issued on Saturday, is in response to complaints on social media that the SRT’s infographic, explaining how train passengers can book their tickets 90 days in advance, is confusing.

The infographic states that advance bookings of up to 90 days are based on the distance of travel.

Ekkarat Sreearayunpong, the SRT’s public relations director, offered an apology to those who found the infographic confusing adding, however, that making advance bookings is not complicated at all.  He said passengers just identify the departure and destination stations and then they can make the advance bookings.

If passengers make advance bookings online, the D-ticket system will inform the passengers of how many days in advance they can book their tickets. If they make advance bookings at the ticket counters, however, they simply state the station of departure and destination, the ticket officer will give them full details of the advance tickets, said Ekkarat.

He also said that the extension of the period for advance bookings, taking effect today, is intended to provide more convenience to passengers, so they can plan their train journeys further in advance.

Eight train services are available for 90-day advance bookings. They are the special express trains between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani, Nong Khai and Hat Yai.

For more information, passengers can call the customer service centre on 1690 around the clock.