22 May 2024

Police and rescue workers spent over three hours searching for Mr. Luis Cabello Ortega, 57, a Spanish tourist, who became lost while trekking on Na Muang Mountain 2 on Samui Island in Thailand’s Surat Thani province, on Sunday afternoon. The search was suspended as night fell as authorities could not see anything in the pitch dark and heavy rain. The search is expected to resume this morning.

Those searching for Ortega include Samui’s tourist police, local administration officials, rescue workers and foreign volunteers. They were notified of the tourist’s plight via the 1155 tourist emergency hotline. The call was made by Mr. Ortega himself, saying he had lost his way in the forest.

Mr. Ortega left his rented white motorcycle at the visitor parking lot at the start of his trek, which helped authorities to identify Ortega. His brother and friends tried to call him back, but he could no longer be reached.