21 May 2024

After 32 years of ups and downs in politics, former deputy leader of Chart Thai Pattana party Somsak Prissanananthakul has turned his back on politics by quitting the party which he described as “the home that has everything, that is life, soul and breath”.

A veteran politician of Suphan Buri and the right-hand man of Banharn Silpa-archa, the late founder and leader of Chart Thai party which was dissolved and resurrected under the name of Chart Thai Pattana, Somsak on Tuesday posted a farewell message in his Facebook page.

His post reads as follows:

“Farewell…..because love (I) have to bid goodbye

Never thought before in my life there would be today

The home that gives everything

The home which is life, soul and breath

Knowing the home would  have problem because of me

We must choose to protect the home

To sacrifice limbs to save life

32 years with the home that is warm…farewell


Somsak is currently under a five-year ban from politics by the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Offices for declaring false statement about his 16-million baht house while serving as education minister.