Small parties seek “fairness” in party-list seat allocation

Ten lesser-known and smaller parties have demanded that the military controlled National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) makes sure that the principle of every vote counting is upheld in the calculation of party-list seats to be allocated to parties contesting the March 24th general election.

In a joint statement, addressed to the Election Commission (EC), the parties express their concern over confusion surrounding the calculation of the party-list seats, fearing that the so-called “overhang” issue stemming from a party which won more constituency seats than party-list seats, may complicate the calculation to the extent that every vote may not count.

The group also expressed concern about possible changes of seat allocation resulting from new calculations after the EC starts issuing yellow, orange or red cards to candidates suspected of poll irregularities. They want the NCPO to look into this issue as well.

The ten small parties include Palang Sattha, Ruam Jai Thai, Thai Tham, Pracha Thai, Palang Rak, Khon Ngarn Thai, Palang Thai Dee, Pueng Luang, Thanrak Thai and Pakhee Kruakhai Thai.


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