Small parties demand seats on House committee studying charter amendments

Photo from Facebook page ชัชวาลย์ คงอุดม

Smaller parties, which used to ally themselves with the Government, are making waves by demanding a seat for each of them on the House committee studying constitutional changes.

The parties recently formed an alliance, under the name of Kit Sangkhom (Social Action) group, led by Mr. Chatchavan Kong-udom, leader of the Palang Thongthin Thai party.

(The name, Kit Sangkhom, was borrowed from the Kint Sangkhom (Social Action) party of the late M.R. Kukrit Pramoj, who was regarded as a mentor of Mr. Chatchavan.)

The alliance is made up of Palang Thongthin Thai, Thai Civilized, Rak Puenpa Prathet Thai and Prachatham parties.

The group’s spokesman, Mr. Chuenchob Kong-udom, said the group, which met today, will demand that each of them would be allotted a seat.

It is doubtful, however, that their demand will be heeded by the Government or the Opposition, but they believe that their votes in the House could be a tipping point that could destabilise the Government, which enjoys only a wafer thin majority.

The cabinet today endorsed a list of six government representatives to set on the charter amendment committee. They include two former charter writers, namely Pakorn Nilpraphan and Udom Rath-amarit, King Prajadhipok’s Institute secretary-general Wutthisarn Tanchai, Palang Pracharat MP Paioon Nititawan, Election Commission deputy secretary-general Krit Ua-wong and Khunying Natthika Watanawekin Aung-ubon, chair of the Federation of Business Women.


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