6 June 2024

Six police officers attached to Bangkok’s Huai Khwang police station, accused of extorting money from a Taiwanese actress in exchange for dropping a charge of possessing an e-cigarette were, today (Friday), indicted by public prosecutors in the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases.

The first pre-trial hearing is set for April 18th, according to Kosonlavat Intujunyong, deputy spokesman for the Office of the Attorney-General.

He said that the six police officers have been charged with demanding and taking bribes, in violation of Section 149 of the Criminal Code, offences which carry a jail term from 5 years to life or the death penalty and a fine of 100,000-400,000 baht. He added that the 27,000 baht bribe was confiscated.

The Taiwanese actress, Charlene An and friends, were in a taxi when police stopped the car in front of the Chinese Embassy in Huai Khwang on January 4th for a search.

The police claimed they found an e-cigarette in the actress’s possession and threatened to charge her with illegal possession, unless she paid them a 27,000 baht bribe. The money was later paid by her boyfriend.

Upon her return to Taiwan, she posted details of the incident on social media, sparking an uproar. An investigation was launched by the Royal Thai Police, resulting in the transfer of the six police officers.