Siriraj Hospital’s special program for BA graduates to study medicine

The Medical Science Faculty of Siriraj hospital has a special quota of four places, for the 2020 academic year, for anyone with a BA in any field and an average grade of 3.5 out of 4, who is not over 35 and wants to study medicine.

According to Professor Dr. Rungnirun Praditsuwan, vice dean of education affairs at Siriraj Hospital, said interested applicants must pass an entrance examination covering seven subjects, adding that the special program is intended to allow students of different skills and educational backgrounds to study medicine.

He mentioned an earlier program, which accepted two students who were good at any of 22 sports disciplines, such as badminton, football, track and field, as well as music and had an average grade of 3.00, to study medicine at the faculty.

Dr. Rungnirun explained that the reason behind the scheme is because several students, who passed the tests to study medicine at Siriraj Hospital, did not aspire to become doctors but were forced to study medicine by their parents.

“Those with a BA degree are adults and are determined to study.  We believe they can study and graduate,” he said, adding that they will have to study the same subjects and go through the same tests as other medical students.

He admitted that the program is a new challenge but worth trying, adding that Siriraj Hospital wants doctors who are good in other fields as well, not just medical science.

He also reminded parents that not every top student is suitable for training as a doctor.  To be a good doctor, he said one must love the profession and have role models in mind.


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