6 June 2024

People in Bangkok, its suburbs and in eastern provinces will feel the cold weather this Thursday through to the weekend, when the temperature is forecast to drop by two to four degrees Celsius, while people in the north and northeast will feel colder as the mercury is predicted to fall four to seven degrees Celsius.

According to the Weatherman, the cold weather is attributable to the arrival of a strong cold front from China this Thursday, which is predicted to cover the northern part of the country.

People in the north are advised to take care of their health and to be on guard for fires, due to the dry weather and strong winds, while farmers are advised to tend to their crops, which may be damaged by the cold weather.

Thailand officially entered the cold season on Tuesday, which will last until February, but the season will be shorter and warmer than last year.

Southern Thailand will see heavy downpours, with the possibility of flash floods at mountain bases and river overflows.

Rough seas and waves of 2-3 metres high are predicted in the Gulf of Thailand and more than three metres in stormy areas. People living on the east coast are advised to brace for a possible storm surge. Small boats are advised to remain ashore until Sunday.