6 June 2024

Chuwit Kamolvisit, a massage parlour tycoon turned anti-corruption crusader, has revealed that he has Stage 3 liver cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Chuwit, 62, said his doctors have given him eight months to live but vowed to devote what time he has left to doing what he loves, drinking and smoking. He has also pledged to continue his crusade to reveal the secrets of politicians, for the sake of the country.

“The doctors told me to stop drinking and smoking, so I asked them if I would be free of cancer if I did. They said no. So, I told them not to try to stop me from doing them. I continue doing them because I am happy to,” Chuwit said.

He will live each day as if it is his last day on earth, he said. The National Cancer Institute has stated that, of the 139,000 cancer patients in Thailand, the largest group have liver cancer (22,213).

“I believe that many people may be happy that I will be gone, but they may miss me because they will feel something is missing. As time passes, everything will return to normal,” Chuwit said.

When he passes away, he told his family not to spend too much money on his funeral, because he has already donated his body to a hospital.

Chuwit’s latest crusade is focused on Srettha Thavisin, a real estate tycoon and former CEO of the Sansiri property developer, who is now tipped to be the next prime minister, under the Pheu Thai ticket. His allegations focus on Sansiri’s procurement of land on Sarasin Road in Bangkok.

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