11 July 2024

Search and rescue operations resumed this morning for two young girls who went missing, and are believed to have drowned, after they were swept into deeper waters by a series of large waves in the sea off Naratat Beach in Muang district of Narathiwat province on Saturday.

The two girls, 8-year old Nulfadia Sala and 9-year old Fatin Binmading, were among several children who went to the beach with their parents to celebrate National Children’s Day on Saturday.

As the youngsters were frolicking in the sea close to the beach, strong waves hit the beach without warning. In one area, four children were swept away from the shore but three of them, except Fatin, were rescued by people on the beach while. At another spot three, except Nulfadia, were saved by rescuers.

Provincial governor Thana Wittayanupong has set up an emergency rescue centre to coordinate the search for the two missing children. The search operation, however, has been hampered by strong winds and waves.