19 May 2024

Police are looking for the owner of a pickup truck who had his vehicle cleaned at a car wash in Si Maha Phot district of Prachin Buri about three weeks ago.

An employee at the car wash, in Village 10 of Krok Sombun sub-district, told a rescue worker from the Ruam Katanyu Foundation that he saw an “iron” cylinder, similar to the missing one containing a capsule of caesium-137, in the back of a pickup which came for a wash.

Police visited the car wash and showed the employee and his boss a picture of the missing cylinder.  Both claimed it looked like the one they saw on the truck, which belongs to a security guard working at the 304 industrial park in the province.

The steel cylinder containing the radioactive material was found to be missing from a steam power plant in Si Maha Phot district in Prachin Buri during a routine check on March 10th. It is not known when it disappeared from the plant.

Officials from the Office of Atoms for Peace and Prachin Buri police have searched numerous scrap yards in the province, but have not found any trace of the radioactive material.