23 May 2024

Science and Technology Minister Suwit Maesincee and a core member of Palang Pracharat Party said this morning that it was about time the pro-government political party formally invited Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to become its candidate for prime minister.

Speaking to reporters in the northeastern province of Nong Khai during a trip by the Cabinet, the Palang Pracharat’s deputy leader said the party has yet to set a date for a primary election to choose its candidates for the premiership.

“Now that the ban on political activities has been lifted, I think it’s about time we extended an invitation to Gen Prayut,” he said.

Palang Pracharat has publicly made known its preference for Gen Prayut as its candidate for the premiership but Suwit insisted that so far the subject has never been raised with the prime minister.

According to the Constitution, each political party taking part in the election is eligible to nominate up to three candidates as prime minister.

Gen Prayut indicated last week that Palang Pracharat would be his preferred choice if he did decide to enter politics.

Suwit and other key members of Palang Prachat who currently serve in the Cabinet have been under pressure from critics and other political parties to leave their political posts. Suwit said this morning that he would quit  “when the right time comes”.  But for the time being, he said there are still a lot of work that he has to do.

Meanwhile, during the visit to neighbouring Bung Kan province yesterday, Gen Prayut said as prime minister in charge of the country he is a “de facto politician”.

“I may have been showered with praises. But do you know what kind of suffering I have to go through?  But I am willing to suffer,” he said.