21 May 2024

In another move to appease protesting students, Deputy Permanent Secretary at Thailand’s Ministry of Education, Ms. Duriya Amatavivat, issued an urgent order today instructing all schools to provide space for them to air their views freely on politics and education.

This free expression is to be arranged through student councils or groups, while school administrators are instructed to promote the freedom and ensure student safety.

Views expressed by students will be collated and summarised by educators in each zone, prior to submission to their superiors, who will vet the reports and forward them to the Education Ministry for further consideration.

Regarding student hair styles, which are subject to regulations imposed by the Education Ministry, it is reported that Education Minister Nuttapol Teepsuwan has ordered enforcement of the regulations to be suspended.

The Education Ministry has already allowed students to organize political activities on campus, on the condition that they are carried out within the scope of the law and no outsiders are allowed to join such activities.