6 June 2024

A 15-year-old girl, at a school in Thailand’s southern province of Phatthalung, was taken to hospital for treatment for a drug overdose, reportedly as a result of bullying by classmates.

Some of her classmates are reported to have said that the girl had been regularly ridiculed for her physical appearance, which had caused her to become stressed, adding that she also had problems with her family and teachers, leaving her without anyone to turn to when she needed help.

They also said that the girl occasionally cried alone, or with some close friends, but did not tell them about her problems, adding that this was not the first time that she had overdosed.

EMTs said that the girl was conscious when they found her, but her body was numb because she had not been taken to the hospital quickly enough.

The school has also been criticised for the lack of any first aid support and for not rushing the girl to the hospital, preferring to wait for the arrival of an ambulance.