6 June 2024

Combining resources, materials and innovative products from Russia and Thailand can boost industrial competitiveness, according to H.E. Evgeny Tomikhin, the Russian ambassador to Thailand.

Speaking at a “meet the ambassador” event, organised by Stamford International University, His Excellency talked about the promising opportunities for collaboration in Thailand’s digital economy.

He noted the growing significance of digitalisation in today’s world, making it an attractive sector for Russian companies. He also observed that a number of domestic companies are already involved in introducing innovative products and services to the market.

The Kingdom of Thailand and the Russian Federation will celebrate the 126th anniversary of their close diplomatic ties this year. These relations were forged during the historic visit of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) of Thailand to the Russian Empire in 1897.

From a political perspective, he emphasised that there are extensive discussions taking place among individuals on various matters. The ambassador also discussed the role of Russia amid rapidly changing global geopolitics and the direction of innovation and digital disruption.

About cooperation in education, Mr. Tomikhin highlighted the importance of students coming to Thailand to learn the Thai language and culture, for better mutual understanding. This year, Russia will hold University fora, inviting more than 30 leading Russian educational institutions to discuss cooperation with Thai universities in academic partnerships, joint research and educational projects, including student exchanges and the development of dual degree programs.

The relations between Thailand and Russia are still progressing, and there will be agreements certifying academic results from Thailand that meet standards in Russia.

This all serves as a testament to the longstanding friendship between Thailand and Russia and highlights the importance of fostering international cooperation and understanding in our interconnected world.

By Truong Khanh Thi Nguyen