Rescue teams weighing options to get the boys out

Rescue teams continue today to probe ways to bring the 13 survivors out of Tham Luang cave as strong currents and high water levels in the cave complex are still hindering efforts to extract the party.


Speaking to the daily news briefing, Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn said he still could not be specific as to when and how the survivors would be taken out of the cave where they have been stranded since June 23.  He said the rescue teams need to be absolutely certain about the safety of the survivors before they decide on their next course of action, with the physical state of the boys being the most crucial factor.


“We cannot take any risks,” he said.


The rescue teams are working around the clock to drain out flood waters from the cave and to block fresh water from flowing in.   How much water is drained out is also another crucial factor for the rescue teams to determine when and how to bring the boys out.


The rescue teams do not discount the possibility that the boys having to dive their way out of the cave provided that they are physically rehabilitated enough.   But they are also prepared to have the boys camp out for a longer period in the cave until the water levels are manageable.


A video clip released by the Navy SEAL this morning shows the survivors in high spirits and jovially talking to the camera.  The governor said the boys are being well taken care of by a SEAL unit.    A landline phone was being installed to that they could communicate with their families today.


Governor Narongsak also dispelled rumours that there were changes in the top-level personnel supervising the rescue mission.  “I want to confirm that I am still  in charge,” he said, apparently referring to reports that he had earlier been ordered transferred out of Chiang Rai to become governor of nearby Phayao province.   Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-o-cha confirmed Tuesday that Narongsak was to be moved to Phayao but the transfer would not affect the on-going rescue mission.



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