23 May 2024

Thailand’s Ministry of Finance will launch the third phase of the 50:50 co-payment economic stimulus scheme on July 1st, with registration opening on Monday, from 6am to 10pm.

In this phase, each subscriber will receive 1,500 baht of two periods of three months, July 1st to September 30th and October 1st to December 31st for spending on food, drinks, necessities, spa services, massage, manicure and public transport

The daily spending is, however, capped at 150 baht per transaction or 1,500 baht for each period of three months. In total, each subscriber will receive 3,000 baht over six months.

To be eligible to receive the subsidies, applicants must be Thai nationals, at least 18 years old and hold an ID card. Those who hold state welfare cards are not eligible. 31 million Thais are entitled to this benefit.

People who have already joined the “chim shop chai” (eat, shop, spend), “rao thieu duay kan” (we travel together), co-payment, “rao chana”, “mor 33 rao rak kan” (Mor 33 we love each other) can register through the “pao tang” app or through www.คนละครี่ง.com.

Those who have never joined any of these programs can register through www.คนละครี่ง.com, after which they will receive a text message within three days instructing them to confirm their identities at any branch of the Krung Thai Bank with their ID cards.

Vendors who want to join the program can also register on the same day.