23 May 2024

An accumulated amount of 3,325 million cubic metres of water have flowed into the Vajiralongkorn dam in Kanchanaburi province since the beginning of this year, making it the annual record high of water-inflow for 34 years.

In a report from a senior engineer based at the dam, Mr Thanasarn Thanawut, to the chief of Kanchanaburi Office of Public Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, Mr Arun Pinta, the water flow into the dam since July 19 until now had not receded, with 171 million cubic metres of water flowing in the dam on July 27 alone and it was expected that the same amount of water would have flowed into the dam on the following day.

As of Saturday, the dam was 77 percent full which was two metres above the control level, but the dam still has the capacity to receive another 2,056 million cubic metres of water.

With the rainy season still looming and not over for the next two months, officials of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand have increased the draining of water out of the dam from 23 mcm to 28 mcm a day during July 24-29 to maintain the water volume in the dam at appropriate level.

EGAT officials have assured that the Vajiralongkorn dam is strong and highly safe.