11 July 2024

Three core leaders of Thailand’s anti-establishment Ratsadon group were formally charged with lèse majesté and incitement of public unrest by the public prosecutors on Monday.

The charges relate to the protests in front of Thammasat University and Sanam Luang on September 19th and 20th last year.

The three are Rung Panasaya “Rung” Sitthijirawattanakul, Panupong Jardnok, alias Mike Rayong, and Chatupat Boonpatthararaksa, alias Pai Daodin.

18 other members of the group, including Chai-amorn Kaenviboonphan, alias Ammy, who also took part in the protests, were also charged with lesser offences, including incitement of public unrest.

Only 17 of them were, however, escorted by police to the Criminal Court to be formally indicted, because Ammy is already held on remand on other charges.