11 July 2024

Four rare pink dolphins were spotted swimming in the seas off Ao Kha beach yesterday (Thursday), on Wua Ta Lub Island of Surat Thani, by officials of the Mu Ko Ang Thong national park.

The park’s chief, Mr. Natthawat Nuisriram, said today that, as he was leading a team of park officials on a routine sea patrol, about one kilometre from the park office on the Ang Thong archipelago, four pink dolphins surfaced and swam toward their vessel.

He said that his staff used their smart phones to take video clips of the rare sea mammals.

Natthawat said that, during March and April of every year, the sea around the marine park is crystal clear and rich in plankton, attracting many marine species to the area for feeding, including dolphins and Bryde’s whales.

He urged tourist operators to exercise extra caution when navigating the waters in the park area, for the safety of the marine life, especially the rare species.