14 July 2024

The Public Health Ministry has found grounds to charge Rama II Hospital for its poor handling of a victim attacked with acid who later died after being refused treatment there two weeks ago.


fact-finding panel set up by the Health Support Service Department found that the hospital allowed a nurse instead of a medical doctor to examine the conditions of the patient who was taken here by her daughter.  She also failed to make a report to the doctor who was supposed to be on duty.   The alleged offence carries a prison term of 2 years and/or a fine of 40,000 baht; 

The hospital was also found to have denied the patient emergency treatment and instead referring her to another hospital. The offence is punishable by two years in prison and/or a fine of 40,000 baht.

A complaint will be lodged with Tha Kham police against the hospital and its management by the fact-finding committee on Wednesday for allegedly committing five offences related to Hospital Act.

The patient, Ms Choladda Tharawan, was attacked with acid allegedly by her husband out of jealousy on the night of November 13.  She was taken to Rama II Hospital which is
the nearest in a taxi in the company of her 12-year old daughter.  She was later driven in taxi to another hospital but died upon arrival.

The alleged mishandling of the case by the Rama II Hospital which led to the death of Mrs Choladda was brought to the attention of the media and the Health Support Service Department Mr Mr Atchariya  Ruangrattanapong, a self-made crusader to assist crime victims.

On Monday, Mr Atchariya brought the victim’s 12-year old daughter and two taxi drivers to testify before the fact-finding panel. One cabbie was responsible for driving the victim to Rama II Hospital and the other brought her to Bang Mod Hospital.

Atchariya claimed that neither Rama II Hospital nor the management had offered any apology to the victim’s family.