Rain water key to survival of the boys and coach

How the 12 boys and their football coach survived in the cave in total darkness for ten days without food except for water and still look quite healthy?

Mr Pattharaphol Manee-on, a veterinarian at the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, believes he has the answer – rain water.

In his Facebook post, the veterinarian wrote: “Rains might pose an obstruction to the operations (search and rescue).  But if I could choose, I would  choose rains.   Rain drops and the water which seeps through the stalactites and stalagmites are clean.  It is the water that the boys drank for survival.  Especially, the water which seeps through several rock layers is laced with several types of minerals which can reduce exhaustion.”

He pointed out that after a person goes without food for several days, all the minerals in his or her  body which are crucial for the process of generating energy will dissipate, hence, the food intake after going through a long period of starvation will not transform into energy.

Therefore, he added that vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphate and potassium are the first choice for the body.

Mr Pattharaphol said the special food provided by the SEAL team would be most important for the 13 survivors.


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