6 June 2024

Officials from the Provincial Administration Department (PAD) raided a Thai restaurant early Saturday morning, which was a front for an unlicensed pub, located on the second floor of a shop house in Bangkok’s Rong Muang area.

The raid was ordered by Manrat Ratanasukon, the PAD director-general, after they had received complaints from people living in the neighbourhood, located at the mouth of Soi Wat Borom Niwat, about an illegal pub operating above the restaurant, the noise from which has been causing nuisance.

The complainants also claimed that they had already complained to the Pathum Wan police and the Pathum Wan district office, but no action was taken.

About 250 customers were in the pub at the time of the raid at about 3am, including 25 underage Thai and Lao nationals. Seven of the employees were found to be undocumented migrant workers from Laos.

The owner of the pub was arrested and taken to Pathum Wan police station, where he was charged with operating an entertainment venue without a license, selling liquor to underage customers, hiring illegal migrant workers and selling alcoholic drinks beyond the permissible hours.

A PAD official said that the pub and restaurant faces closure for up to five years.