6 June 2024
Thailand pulmonologist COVID-19

Thai pulmonologist, Dr. Manoon Leechawengwongs, is suggesting that Thailand provides first dose inoculations to all Thais and migrants within this year, rather than half the country being inoculated with 2 doses, with the other half having to wait until the following year.

The board member at Vichaiyut hospital said that Thailand will acquire enough vaccines for 2 doses for medical personnels and high-risk groups, and one dose for the rest of the country.

He said, however, that they should wait for more information before inoculating pregnant women and children under 16.

Dr. Manoon explained, via Facebook, that the method he suggests will help create herd immunity, and help contain the outbreak.

He also referred to an article, published on the Medscape website, which says that delaying the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines, to increase uptake of initial immunization, is the right thing to do.

Data from Pfizer’s clinical trials suggest that the vaccine might start protecting its recipients around one or two weeks after the first injection. A second dose, delivered three weeks after the first, helps immune cells commit the virus’s most prominent features to memory, enhancing the protective process.