Public outraged after student told to apply for college next year if exams are missed due to COVID

Netizens were outraged on Friday over responses from the Council of University Presidents of Thailand, showing a disregard for the COVID-19 situation, which could affect college admission examinations and the futures of many senior high school students.

The anger came after a screenshot of Facebook messenger, showing a conversation between a high student and a council officer, went viral Thursday night.

In the conversation, the student was seeking advice as to what she should do in case she catches COVID-19 and is unable to take exams on the designated dates. In response, the officer said “Take it next year or go for other majors that don’t require test results.”

More screenshots emerged, also showing that the council has no measures in place to address the issue of examinations affected by the extraordinary COVID-19 situation.

Students took to Twitter to express their disappointment and frustration over admission exams during the pandemic and the authority’s apparent indifference to the issue. The topic was trending on the platform Friday, with hundreds of thousands of tweets.


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