11 July 2024

Protesters from the so-called “Stop APEC 2022” movement clashed with riot-control police this morning (Friday) as they left Bangkok’s Lan Khon Mueang Town Square to march to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

Equipped with shields and riot-control gear, the police were ordered not to allow the protesters to march to the convention centre, where the APEC Summit is being held today and tomorrow.

A protest leader, Baramee Chairat, representing the Assembly of the Poor, told the police to disperse and allow the protesters to march to the convention centre to submit their petition to the APEC leaders.

He gave the police 10 minutes to move away, warning that the protesters would try to break through the police cordon. Members of the media were also asked to stay away, to give more room for the protesters.

Protesters managed to reach the Democracy Monument, a short distance from the town square, but were then blocked by police. Minor clashes broke out and one protester was seen being dragged away by the police.

A stand-off between the police and the protesters continues at the time of this report.