Protesters claim symbolic win for “taking back” the 11th Infantry Regiment from the Monarchy

Anti-establishment protest leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak claimed a symbolic victory for the people, saying they had taken back the 11th Infantry Regiment of the Royal Guards from the Monarchy and renamed it the 11th Infantry Regiment “of the People’s Guards”.

He later read a statement, in front of the protesters, police and soldiers, saying that there is no need for the Monarchy to have its own army and that the troops, particularly the 11th Infantry Regiment and its budget should be transferred back under the jurisdiction of the regular army.

After finishing the statement, protesters folded copies of the statement into the shape of paper planes and threw them into the barracks.

Another protest leader, Arnon Nampa, told the crowd they will continue their protests without weapons, but will gradually “open the wounds of the feudalists” and ask the media to broadcast the process live.

He claimed that the protesters had already opened a “wound” and they would open more tomorrow and the day after, at locations yet to be announced.

The protest today was generally peaceful, but some protesters did cut razor wire placed in front of the army barracks.

Tonight’s protest ends at about 10pm as buckets of red paint are thrown over the ground in front of the barracks, to symbolize the Red Shirt protests in 2010, during which 99 lost their lives.

Parit calls for next gathering on December 2nd at 14:00, at the Constitutional Court on Chaengwattana Road.


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