6 June 2024

Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) is investigating a report of an unusually high number of advance voters in the three north-eastern provinces of Amnat Charoen, Yasothon and Si Sa Ket and alleged collection of ID cards from eligible voters, according to EC Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee.

He said that the EC was aware of such reports before they were disclosed by self-styled whistle blower Chuwit Kamolvisit today (Sunday) and has ordered a probe adding, however, that election officials have to make sure that anyone who exposes alleged irregularities is protected.

He also said that he has instructed election officials at all polling stations to check that the appearance of advance voters matches the pictures on their ID cards.

He disclosed that advance voting, which started today across the country, has otherwise been proceeding smoothly.

A total of 2,235,830 people have registered to vote in advance today. Of those, 2,216,950 will have cast their ballots outside their constituencies.

Advance voting will close at 5pm today, after which the ballot sheets, which are contained in envelopes, will be sorted and sent to the relevant constituencies nationwide.