11 July 2024

Future Forward party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit has been dealt another blow after a website has withdrawn its support, claiming that the firebrand politician had stooped to gutter politics by promising to bring fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra back home to face new and “fair”trial.

The administrator of the website said “for the past several months, we have been fighting for justice, we have been fighting for Thanathorn to be accorded justice because we believe that Thanathorn will lead the country to a new and better future with constructive politics that will overcome conflict, paving the way for national development after decades of conflict. However, in reality, Thanathorn not only did not keep his promise, but also tried to bring the Future Forward party back into the vicious cycle of conflict which is no different from the old gutter politics – be it the promise to bring Thaksin home or the attempt to lure members of the disbanded Thai Raksa Chart party to join his party.  We have decided to officially end our support for the Future Forward party.  But we respect the judgement of all our page followers.”

The administrator did, however, add that the staff was glad that the Future Forward party leader had promised to amend the Constitution to improve the rights and liberties of the Thai people and to introduce new technologies to the country.

Responding to the page administrator’s statement, Future Forward spokesperson Ms. Pannika Wanich said the party respected the right of the page administrator to support or not to support the party. However, she pointed out that the webpage had debuted on February 21st and had not been very active with only 676 followers and 15 posts on the page.

She said the party members were still confident and would move forward towards the party’s goals with an unshaken resolve.

Credit Photo : twitter.com/Thanathorn_FWP