Princess Ubolratana says she is now ordinary citizen wanting to bring prosperity to country

Princess Ubolratana clarified today that she has already relinquished all her Royal titles to become an ordinary Thai citizen and has consented to the Thai Raksa Chart party proposing her as its prime ministerial candidate.

Breaking her silence via her personal Instagram “nichax”, after the Thai Raksa Chart party made their surprise announcement about her decision to enter politics as the party’s prime ministerial candidate, the Princess insisted that she made the political decision out of her sincerity and her intention to dedicate herself “to having an opportunity to bring prosperity to the country.”

Expressing her appreciation to all who have shown her their support, the Princess said she would like to exercise her rights and liberties as an ordinary citizen under the Constitution, adding that she wished to see Thai people have opportunities and happiness.

The Thai Raksa Chart party, meanwhile, issued a statement confirming that the Princess renounced all her Royal titles in 1972 and was qualified to be the party’s candidate for the post-election prime minister.

Rumour was rife today that the three prime ministerial candidates of the Pheu Thai party might withdraw their candidacy to avoid competing with Princess Ubolratana, the candidate of the Thaki Raksa Chart party, which is widely recognized as being an offshoot of the Pheu Thai party.

However, Mr. Chaikasem Nitisiri, one of the three prime ministerial candidates speaking in the northern province of Nan, said that the party had not discussed the matter of their withdrawal.


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