Prime Minister suggests that people read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”

Deputy Government Spokesperson, Lieutenant General Werachon Sukondhapatipak, said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had recommended that those who are interested should read the Thai version of George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”, saying it offers a good insight to life.

The recommendation promptly stirred heated debate on Thai social media, especially Twitter.

Some took it as a satirical jab at the ongoing power negotiations involving politicians, as the Thai translation of the book title literally reads “Politics: Matters of the Animals”.

“He (the PM) might not have realised that the book actually centers on criticism of dictatorship.” @tanawatofficial said in his tweet.

@Farmhaneee, meanwhile, seemed to take the recommendation as a good idea, adding that the book is a really good read, if one can grasp its deeper meaning.

“Think about what the farm represents and what kind of animals you are in there.” she said.

“Animal Farm” is a classic allegorical novella, first published in the United Kingdom as WWII ended in 1945.

The Prime Minister, however, dismissed any criticism, saying his intention in recommending this book was purely to encourage people to see life from a different perspective.

Lieutenant General Werachon said that the PM would like the current political negotiations to run their natural course, according to the law and traditional political practice, adding that he respected the voters’ voice through all political parties and encouraged the formation of a coalition government to fulfill the people’s wishes with unity.





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