Preparations underway to deal with COVID in Bangkok’s city-run schools

Photo by @aswinkwanmuang

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has adopted measures to deal with COVID-19 infections in hundreds of schools under its jurisdiction, which are due to reopen for on-site learning on November 15th.

Explaining the measures, Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang said today (Friday) that, if one student in a school is found to be infected, his or her classroom will be closed for three days and all the classmates considered at high-risk will be isolated at home. Those who are at low-risk will be allowed to continue their studies as usual, in another classroom, and their condition will be observed.

If infections are found in more than one classroom, the entire class year in the school will be closed for three days. Group gatherings are prohibited. Whether the school will be closed is a decision for the communicable disease committee. All high-risk students will take RT-PCR tests.

Students who are in contact with high-risk people at home must isolate at home for 14 days for observation.

Students who are in close contact with high and low risk people at home do not need to miss classes, but are advised to monitor their condition for 14 days.

92% (34,287) of students in BMA schools have volunteered to be vaccinated. 76% of upper secondary students have already received two doses of vaccine and 90% of lower secondary have received one dose. They will receive their second dose next week.

96% (14,493) of the teachers are fully inoculated, while 94% of other school staff have received two doses of vaccine.



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