6 June 2024

Prachachat party leader Wan Muhammad Nor Matha as the House speaker would be the best way to end the ongoing dispute between Move Forward and Pheu Thai over the position, a coalition party leader claimed on Friday.

Seri Ruam Thai leader Sereepisuth Temiyavet said that Wan Muhammad is suited to the position due to his seniority and because he has previously held the post.

Two major coalition parties in the Pita-led coalition have been wrangling over the position for days.

Some academics have suggested that the leader of a third coalition party should take the position, as a way out of the impasse.

The Prachachat party won nine House seats in the general election.

Sereepisuth, a retired national police chief, said his party won only one seat, so he cannot demand a ministerial portfolio in the new government. “If, however, the coalition government assign me any position, I am ready to do the job and can work in Interior, Defence, Justice or security-related ministries.”