Postponed vaccinations of elderly, those with 7 diseases in Bangkok to resume on Wednesday

COVID-19 vaccine jabs for the elderly and those with any of seven specific non-communicable diseases in Bangkok, whose vaccination appointments were postponed due to an insufficient vaccine allocation, can get inoculated from tomorrow (Wednesday) at Bang Sue Grand Station in Bangkok, the Public Health Ministry announced today.

This applies to people aged at least 60 and those with any of seven diseases, namely chronic respiratory disease, heart and blood vessel disease, chronic kidney disease, cerebrovascular disease or stroke, cancer, obesity and diabetes, who registered for vaccination, via the Mor Prom app, and had their appointments postponed, said Vice Minister for Public Health Dr. Sophon Mekthon.

“Anyone who is upset about having their vaccination appointments postponed can request service at the Bang Sue Grand Station, but please call the hospital with which you have registered to check if your appointment was indeed postponed and if you’re comfortable with the wait,” said Dr. Sophon.

Believing that there aren’t too many people in these vulnerable groups to be vaccinated, the vice minister said this is not duplicating the work of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), but is to help increase the number of vulnerable people getting vaccinated, citing how only 0.3% of the elderly population and 1.5% of those with any of the 7 health conditions have been fully vaccinated to date.

450,000 people from these groups in Bangkok have applied for vaccination via the Mor Prom app, out of 11 million people nationwide in this category.

Up to 2,000 people, whose appointments were postponed, can be vaccinated at the Bang Sue Grand Station per day, or 200 per hour.

Meanwhile, Disease Control Department Director-General Dr. Opart Karnkawinpong said there will be more vaccines allocated to Bangkok tomorrow, and that the new lot should be able to solve the problem of lack of vaccines at several hospitals at vaccination sites.


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