23 May 2024

Position of House speaker would have to be MP from Move Forward Party which has won the most parliamentary seats, said the party’s secretary general Chaithawat Tulathon on Monday.

However he was a little bit worried about the seniority of his party’s MP who would become the House speaker.

He did not name the MP but it is known that his party comprises young generation of MPs and politicians.

When the party’s executives met on Monday, they have not yet discussed about the matter, he said.

Commenting on reports that the party’s deputy leader Nutthawut Buaprathum, 46, who has law degrees, may be selected to take the position, Chaithawat said the middle-aged persons could be proper for the position as they are fair, have justice and skills to understand the laws and related regulations.

Chaithawat added that Pita Limjaroenrat, leader of the party, has assigned him to be a go-between person with other coalition parties in order to form a coalition government.

He said he would at the first stage talked with Pheu Thai Party, a major party, in the Pita-led government.

Pita will later call the party leaders of the coalition government by himself to discuss details of the matter.

It is expected that all the details would be settled and there would be press conference within this week because the party wants to make political certainties.

Asked about reports that senators may not vote for Pita in a joint sitting to become the premier, he said that not all the senators agreed to the reported move.

The party is ready to discuss the matters with the senators because reported concerns may be one sided. Talks may help reduce the concerns, he said