21 May 2024

A projection by Thai PBS in cooperation with Super Poll showed that Pheu Thai remain the election champion, winning 163 seats (153 constituency seats and 10 party list seats) this time. Palang Pracharat comes second winning a combined 96 seats. The Democrat Party comes third, with a combined 77 seats.

The projected results make the “swing parties”, the likes of Democrat, Bhumjaithai, Chartpattana and Chartthaipattana, a significant group of Kingmakers. The Democrats are projected by the Thai PBS and Super Poll to be winning 77 seats. Bhumjaithai is projected to win 59 seats, Chartthai Pattana 12 seats, and Chartpattana 9 seats.

Dusit Poll also found out that Pheu Thai will win the most seats, 173, compared with 96 for Palang Pracharat. The Democrat Party, whose leader Abhisit Vejjajiva had vowed to quit the helm if it won fewer than 100 seats, was projected to win 88 seats.

Future Forward is projected to win a combined 49 seats, Bhumjaithai 40, Seri Ruam Thai 17 and Chartthaipattana 16.