Poll – Majority want new government to prioritize bread and butter problems

More than 80% of people sampled have identified the addressing of “bread and butter” problems as the first priority for the new government, said Dr. Noppadol Kannikar, director of Super Poll.

Super Poll surveyed the opinions of 1,094 people, of different occupations and professions between June 3rd and 15th, on which problems should be given priority, bread and butter issues or justice.

The poll shows 84.4% of the respondents want the bread and butter issues to be given top priority, compared to 4.0% for political injustice, 3% for national development and 2.6% for transport, accident and traffic issues.

The poll also shows 87% of those surveyed feel there is very little or no political justice under the present circumstances, against 13% who believe there is political justice.

Noppadol said that, although the majority of the people recognize the problem of political injustice, their greater concern are basic bread and butter issues around low incomes and other economic problems.

Notably, addressing corruption was regarded as a low priority among respondents.

He suggested three immediate measures for the government, namely easing conflict between vested interests, increasing take-home pay and accelerating the societal drive to achieve political justice.

Meanwhile, a Bangkok Poll by Bangkok University showed that 65.5% of 1,196 respondents believe the new government, which is a coalition of 19 parties, will be short-lived and lacks stability compared to 34.4% who believe it is stable.

59.6% of the respondents said the government’s first priority must be to reduce social inequality and to assist the poor. 58.1% identified economic reform and investment as a priority while 44.7% cited the corruption problem.


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