Police to delay legal proceeding against illegal immigrants in Thailand

Thai Immigration Police will delay taking legal proceedings against illegal migrant workers who have been in Thailand for at least a year, or those whose residence permit expired recently, saying that such workers are important to the Thai economy. The police will, however, strengthen measures to prevent further illegal border crossings.

Immigration police commissioner, Pol Lt Gen Sompong Chingduang, said that the bureau has been working with the department of employment, canvassing Bangkok and its vicinity for illegal migrant workers. So far, they have identified over 60, 51 of whom entered Thailand illegally, nine have overstayed their visa, and at least one has failed to report to immigration for over 90 days, as is required.

The police will focus on COVID-19 screening process. 

Sompong pleaded with local businesses in Thailand to consider the consequences of hiring illegal workers, especially the effect this has on the COVID-19 outbreak, because these workers skipped the screening process and have not been quarantined. He asked the employers to bring their migrant workers for screening.


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