6 June 2024

About 100 police officers have surrounded a house in Mueang district of Phetchaburi province this afternoon (Wednesday), where a man is holding out after he allegedly shot two people dead and injured another.

Police have also cordoned off the Krungpetch Villa housing estate, in which the house is located.

The gunman has been identified by eyewitnesses as “Anuwat” and they say that he was under stress ahead of a court hearing this afternoon.

Witnesses claim that the gunman appears to be unstable, as he randomly fired at people in the housing estate.

One of the victims has been identified as the mayor of Ton Mamuang Tambon (sub-district) Administrative Organisation (TAO), who was hit as he tried to stop the gunman. He has been rushed to the district hospital with serious injuries.

The armed stand-off continues at the time of this report.