23 May 2024

Thailand has become the world’s Number One with the highest rate of road accidents with ten million drivers out of a total of 31 without driving licenses, said Pol Maj-Gen Ekkarak Limsangkart, commander of Special Branch Police’s 3rd division and a member of the committee to resolve traffic problem.


Of the 10 million drivers who do not have driving licenses, eight million of them are motorcyclists, he said as he maintained that 30 percent of the road accidents were committed by drivers who do not have driving licenses.


The Royal Thai Police has recently proposed amendments to traffic regulations to the National Legislative Assembly seeking higher penalties against drivers without driving licenses, including a maximum fine of up to 50,000 baht.  The proposal has been opposed by critics who viewed it as a means to allow police to squeeze more money from traffic violators.


Pol Maj-Gen Ekkarak admitted there are many people opposing the proposal, but he said he wanted them to understand why the police came up with the proposal in order to make roads safer for travelling.