6 June 2024

PM2.5 dust levels in 45 areas of Bangkok and its peripherals on Thursday are above the standard threshold of 37.5μg (microns), according to the Pollution Control Department.

The PM2.5 level over the 24 hours up to 7am today was measured at between 25.4μg and 58.8μg, with Nong Khaem district in Bangkok having recorded the highest level at 56.8μg.

The Pollution Control Department also reported PM2.5 levels across the country as follows:

  • North: 12 areas were reported to have excessive PM2.5, ranging between 18.1μg and 66.1μg.
  • North-east: PM2.5 levels range between 11.3μg and 70.3μg, with only two areas having excessive dust.
  • Central and west: Only four areas were found to have excessive dust, with the levels of PM2.5 ranging from 27.5μg to 58.3μg.
  • East: Air quality is good, with the PM2.5 level below the 37.5μg threshold. PM2.5 levels here range from 15.7μg to 28,1μg.