6 June 2024

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has been praised after he told a police who parked his police car with engine on to turn it off during his official visit in Chiang Mai province on Saturday.

The incident happened when Srettha was visiting Mae Kuang Udom Thara dam in Chiang Mai.

The incident came to light after an X user posted a video clip, showing Srettha was walking by a police car whose engine was running when he stopped and told a police sitting inside to turn off the engine.

The twitter user who posed the clip wrote, “PM Srettha scolds the police sitting in the car to do his duties.” Srettha, using his X account, later answered, “No krub, I did not scold him, I just told him to turn off the engine.”

The police was seen getting off the vehicle and turned off the engine. The police was part of security detail of Srettha’s visit to the dam.

The video clip went viral, scores of netizens praised Srettha, a former CEO of Sansiri company, for being aware of fuel save and environment protection.

A twitter user recounted an incident when he was parking his car with engine running at a parking lot in front of Sansri company in Bangkok, a security guard came to tell him to turn on the engine.

However some others netizens criticised him of paying too much attention on the details.