PM says he is studying policies of parties before he deciding which one to join

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today he is studying policy platforms of political parties before deciding which one he would join in the near future.

He explained that he wanted to see whether the policies presented by each party – not just the pro-government Palang Prachachart – were practical and could be implemented or not, citing as an example education policy of one of the parties which he claimed would not be possible.

He reminded political parties to be careful about what they are promising to the people in their electioneering, saying that they must keep their words if they win enough House seats to be in the next government.

The prime minister also reminded voters to vote carefully and to study whether the policies presented by each party are realistic and could be implemented or not.

He said that since he had to exercise his voting right he had to make a decision what party he would vote for.

“Be patient, you don’t have to rush,” said the prime minister when asked by a reporter when he would make up his mind which party to align himself with.



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