11 July 2024

As anti-government protesters threaten to escalate their struggle for political changes following the Parliament’s decision to delay voting on constitutional amendments, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today vowed to deal forcefully with people who break the laws.


Prime Minister Prayut also dismissed accusations that he lobbied with senators to delay constitutional amendments.  He said the senators can make their own independent decision.

The senators yesterday joined government MPs in voting to delay a vote on the six motions seeking amendments to the current constitution. Prayut said he was no involved in anyway with either the debate or the voting process.


But Prayut declined to say what his stand on the constitutional amendments is.  “I don’t want to say whether I  am for or I am against constitutional amendments. What I can say is that I have no objection to the attempts. Just spell what they want,” he said.

Commenting on the anti-government protesters to hold another major rally on October 14th, the prime minister said the country is already suffering enough from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and does need any more troubles.


Prayut said authorities are in the process of collecting evidence and gathering witnesses to prepare legal cases against protesters who have broken the laws.  “How can we live without respecting the laws?” he asked.

The prime minister also warned that the ongoing conflicts would only create more division among Thai people and are putting the country’s future at stake.