PM gives nod to Cabinet members to work with Palang Pracharath Party

Cabinet ministers are free to work with the Palang Pracharath party so long as it is not against the law, said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Tuesday in reference to reports that a handful of his ministers will join the pro-junta party.

He was addressing a move by several of the members of his Cabinet who are speculated to take up positions within the newly-formed political party which is widely seen as a political platform for Gen Prayut to continue to be in power after the election

As far as he is concerned, the prime minister said he has not been approached by any party. But he was quick to add that even if there was an offer at this point, he would not be able to decide whether to accept it.

He then clarified his recent remark that he was interested in politics, saying that the media appeared to be carried away too far by the remark.  By saying he was interested in politics, he meant his interest in national reform and national strategy and how they could be carried on uninterrupted by the new government.

His remark has been interpreted by the media as a strong indication that he would jump into politics.

The prime minister maintained that it was not unusual for some of his ministers to work with the Palang Pracharath party.

“Don’t just look at us as a junta-appointed government because the way our government has been function is not different from an elected government…The junta-appointed government has been recognized by many countries in the world,” he said as he questioned whether an elected government could have achieved as much as his government has.

He appealed with government’s detractors and members of the public to look at the bright side of his government and not just the negative aspect.


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