11 July 2024

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and his spouse, Dr Pakpilai, have assets worth Bt1.02 billion, according to the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

The prime minister’s own assets are worth 659,391,610 baht. These include one million baht in cash, 68,986,558 baht deposited in 47 bank accounts, 1,301,668 baht in investments, a land plot in the Khlong Toey area of Bangkok worth 158,400,000 baht, a condo in Hua Hin worth 156,423,120 baht, a three-story house in Khlong Toei worth 18 million baht, an Aston Martin Model DB5 sports car worth 50-million baht worth, a concession worth 87,539,563 baht, 38 wrist watches worth 121.9 million baht, including a Patek Philippe 5470P-001 worth 30 million baht, 6 Buddha amulets worth 1.6 million baht, a 165,000 baht gold chain, a Louis Vuitton suitcase worth 6 million baht and 9,732,579 baht in bank overdrafts.

In addition, the prime minister has an annual income of about 253 million baht. This includes 20 million baht given to him by his three children, 153,570,16 baht in salaries and bonuses, a 45,694 baht pension, about 65 million baht in a provident fund, 825,402 baht in returns from digital assets and 13 million baht in retirement compensation.

His annual personal expenditures are 36.5 million baht, 1.9 million baht in household expenditures, 4.7 million baht financial support for his mother, 8 million baht in travel expenses and 465,000 baht in donations.

His wife, Pakpilai, has assets worth 361,077,116 baht. These include 1.8 million baht in cash, 47,023,391 baht deposited in 38 bank accounts, 52,352,913 baht in investments, three cars worth 2.8 million baht, 31 wrist watches worth 84 million baht, 48 luxury bags worth 37 million baht, including a Hermes Birkin worth two million baht and jewellery, clothing and Buddha amulets worth 131 million baht. She also has 449,970 baht in bank overdrafts.

The assets of the other ministers as disclosed by the NACC are:

Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovations Supamas Isarabhakdi and her spouse have assets worth about 1.531 billion baht. Her own assets are worth 152 million baht.  These include 4.8 million baht in bank deposits, land worth 18.5 million baht, 10 million baht in a house and other assets worth about 119 million baht, including 10 wrist watches worth about 22 million baht and 13 brand name bags worth 3.6 million baht.