24 June 2024

Leader of Thailand’s Plung Sungkom Mai party has proposed a complete review of the memorandum of understanding (MoU), which was signed by the eight coalition parties led by Move Forward.

Chaowarit Kachornpongkirati, the party leader, said today (Wednesday) that, since Move Forward has agreed to let Pheu Thai take the lead in the formation of the new government, the MoU, which was drafted by Move Forward, should be reviewed and redrafted by Pheu Thai.

He said he would propose this idea at a meeting of the eight coalition parties.

As the coalition commands a total of 312 votes in the House, he said that Pheu Thai should have the right to invite one or more parties to join the coalition, so it will have sufficient votes to push the group’s prime ministerial candidate through.

As far as the Plung Sungkom Mai party is concerned, Chaowarit said he has no objection to more parties joining the coalition.